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Some Principles of Effective Teaching (for Brandeis faculty, adapted from the Teaching Effectiveness Manual prepared by the Al-Quds/Brandeis Teaching Effectiveness Partnership Team, July 2011)

Visits to Al-Quds University - June 2011

In June of 2011, Brandeis faculty, staff, and alumni returned to Al-Quds University for the final time during the funding period. This visit coincided with President Fred Lawrence's trip to various sites in Israel, and he was able to meet up with the Al-Quds contingent on the 19th.  Lawrence joined Brandeis professors Sue Lanser and Derek Isaacowitz, as well as Senior Associate Dean Elaine Wong, who were participating in six days of workshops and meetings focusing on effective teaching strategies, academic management, new faculty orientation and mentoring, and women's leadership and professional development.  These meetings built upon previous visits that established projects not only with the Committee for the Support of Teaching but also with Al-Quds faculty and staff who had previously visited the Brandeis campus.  This group focused on joint commitments to effective teaching strategies and the creation of a teaching manual to be published in Arabic and English. 

Continuing the goal of cooperative learning via student exchange, alumni Holly Devon '11 and Saghi Sofinzon '11 (along with Assistant Provost for Graduate Student Affairs Alwina Bennett) also returned to Al-Quds for the second time in June.  Devon and Sofinzon met with Al-Quds students and identified a group of leaders who will be founding an organization to work with student services at Al-Quds, while Bennett interviewed over 50 students and a dozen student services staff and made recommendations to Al-Quds regarding additional staff needs to support the "one-stop shopping" concept of student service delivery.

During his visit, President Lawrence also had the opportunity to interact with many Palestinian students and staff.  He spoke with acting president of Al-Quds University Marwan Awartani and with Dr. Khuloud Khayyat Dajani, who coordinates the partnership with Dan Terris of Brandeis.  Incoming provost Steve Goldstein met separately with the dean of the medical school Dr. Hany Abdeen.  A few days prior to Lawrence's visit to the campus, he also spoke with Al-Quds President Dr. Sari Nusseibeh.

A major goal of the Brandeis visit was to assess opportunities for continuing the partnership when current funding ends.  In his blog, President Lawrence wrote the following about the relationship between the two universities: "the key to this partnership is that its roots are our institutions’ mutual commitments to excellence. The more discussions we held together on pedagogy, text study and best-practices administration, the more the spotlight shone on our common nature — as human beings and as members of academic communities."