Photo by Mike Lovett

Guillermo Narvaez ’18


Brandeis Inside Out: Guillermo Narvaez

Get the inside skinny on what it means to be Brandeisian from students themselves

Guillermo Narvaez ’18 grew up in Metepec, a small town near Mexico City. A physics major with a minor in computer science, he fences foil for both the Brandeis Judges and the Mexican national fencing team. When he’s not in the fencing room, he’s snapping photos for the student newspaper, the Justice.  

What was the journey that brought you here?

I knew I wanted to attend an American university. My high school counselor was actually from Boston, and he knew I wanted an academically strong school with a serious fencing program, so he recommended Brandeis. I knew it was a good option for me.

What is your favorite class at Brandeis?

So far, my favorite class is multivariable calculus with professor Keith Merrill. I love the way he teaches and explains things. His lectures are amazing because he uses real-life examples to help his students understand concepts. He’s engaging and patient with students. And he enjoys teaching — you can feel it.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

The fencing room or anywhere I go with the fencing team. I love being part of the fencing team. They give me a lot of support during practice and competitions, and I know if I need help with my work, or with my personal life — or any kind of help at all — they’re always there for me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’d like to go to graduate school, but it depends. I’d still like to compete with the Mexican national fencing team, too, and maybe go to the Olympics. Right now, I’m just doing my best in school and in fencing.

What advice would you give to international students considering Brandeis?

Be open, be yourself and talk to people. You may be scared or hesitant because of a language barrier, or cultural differences, but no one here judges you. This is a great place. It’s a small campus and a very close community where it’s really easy to engage with other students. People are always open to making new friends, so don’t be afraid. Put yourself out there and you’ll do great.

Guillermo Narvaez ’18 is the Landsman Charitable Foundation Scholar