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Engineering the Future at Brandeis

Brandeis prepares to launch an engineering major.

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A Show of Gratitude for Educators Who Inspire

Professors who actively engage and inspire students, whether in the classroom or through personalized guidance, can have a lifelong impact.

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How Did Ancient Maya Civilization End?

For decades, scholars have argued about what caused the so-called Maya collapse. What went wrong?

Of Note

In honor of Brandeis University’s 75th anniversary, the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies illuminates a little-known chapter in the university’s history.

Castellani won one of this year’s Prose Fellowships, which have been awarded in even years since 2001.

New research from the Ashton Graybiel Spatial Orientation Lab examines how small vibrating devices could help astronauts keep their bearings.

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Scene at Brandeis

Scene at Brandeis is a series featuring the work of Brandeis' staff photographers.

By Dan Holmes and Gaelen Morse

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The Heller School

Co-authored by David Auerbach, PhD, Visiting Scholar at The Heller School and Karen Donelan, ScD, the Stuart H. Altman Chair in U.S. Health Policy at Brandeis University