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Students engaging with posters at SciFest

Wrapping up a summer of science: SciFest 2023

After countless hours dedicated to summer research, undergraduate students across the sciences shared their findings.

Rupam Saha works at a computer the Physics lab

Scientific origami: Folding DNA into desired structures

Rupam Saha, a fourth year physics PhD candidate, talks about his work designing self-limited structures.

Brain with puzzle pieces out

The urgency of Alzheimer’s research

Elizabeth Mahon, a psychology PhD candidate, spent the summer in the Lifespan Lab working to identify the precursors for Alzheimer's disease.

Two people in a lab wearing masks

At the intersection of taste and smell

Thomas Gray, a PhD candidate in neuroscience, shares insights into his research, sources of inspiration, and experiences with mentorship.

Of Note

Brandeis Judges News

Brandeis University graduate student Maggie Shealy has been selected to train with the United States Olympic Fencing Team in Colorado Springs, Colorado, this week.

Groundbreaking neuroscientists Eve Marder and Lily Jan will jointly receive the 2023 Pearl Meister Greengard Prize.


GSAS welcomed an incoming class of 236 students across more than 40 programs.

Person holding a caterpillar

Scene at Brandeis

Scene at Brandeis is a series featuring the work of Brandeis' staff photographers.

By Dan Holmes and Gaelen Morse

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Klezmer band members on stage
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Celebrating Jewish Culture in Klezmer Music

Follow the Brandeis Klezmer band members who are not only reviving this rich musical heritage but also sharing it with the world.

Lewis Brooks and Max Perlitsh next to a golf cart
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Celebrating Our Founding Values

Brandeis was founded 75 years ago on the ideals of inclusion, truth, and justice. Today, the entire Brandeis community is keeping those core values alive. Hear from alumni, students, and faculty on what those values mean to them.

Two fencers in helmets look at each other closely with swords crossed
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Behind the Duel: Brandeis Fencing Team

Explore the dynamic and unique world of fencing at Brandeis University.

Two people looking at something with a planet-shaped neon sign behind them
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Brandeis Astronomy Club: Exploring the Stars

Ever wonder what's out there past the Earth's stratosphere? The Brandeis Astronomy Club touches on their fascination with space, the physical universe, and how the club formed a community and bond.

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Alejandro Bracamontes Norzagaray ’24, director of the Right to Immigration Institute, quoted

Moment Magazine

University Professor Jonathan Sarna quoted

The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

Featuring the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab