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The train station near the camp

Saving a Nazi Concentration Camp from Being Forgotten

History and Culture

Scholar Karen Frostig is on a quest to memorialize the camp in Latvia where her grandparents perished.  

Edward Friedman, Matt Shapiro and Reena Zuckerman

Toward a More Inclusive Orthodox Judaism

Jewish Life on Campus

A student Orthodox community at Hillel enables women to have a greater role in services. 

Congregation in temple

Why 'Zoom Judaism' Will Never Work

Holidays and Religious Traditions

Rabbi Eric Yoffie '69 argues that worship over a computer can never substitute for praying together in person.

Josh Gondelman adjusting his eyeglasses

Sorry, So Sorry ... Did I Say I Was Sorry?

Alumni and Friends

On Yom Kippur, stand-up comic and former Last Week Tonight with John Oliver writer Josh Gondelman '07 can't help apologizing and apologizing and apologizing.