Photo by Mike Lovett

Jessica Plante ’16


Brandeis Inside Out: Jessica Plante

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Jessica Plante ’16 is double majoring in politics and Health: Science, Society and Policy; and minoring in theater arts. She’s a member of the Undergraduate Theater Collective, a blood-drive volunteer and works part-time in the Office of Admissions. Jessica plans to pursue a career in reproductive health policy.

When did it all click?

It clicked for me after the 24-hour musical my first year. The friends I made then are still some of my closest friends now. After the show, my Orientation leader came up to me, gave me a huge hug and said, “Welcome home.” It was my first real activity as a college student, and I don’t even know if he remembers saying that. But it’s stuck with me ever since. Whenever I walk into the campus center theater, I have a feeling of belonging.  

What are the top three things that attracted you to Brandeis?

Everyone’s friendliness, its location and the focus on making a social impact on the world.

What’s your favorite place on campus?

Probably my friend’s mod. I spend more time there than in my own room. It just feels like home to me — hanging out with friends, doing homework, laughing and doing nothing. It’s just wonderful. Other than that, probably the campus center because it’s so central and you always see people you know. Plus, it’s got bagels.

How have you changed at Brandeis?

I’ve become a lot more outspoken and unafraid to try new things. Before Brandeis, I sort of lived in a bubble, unaware of the outside world. That vanished when I came here. Not only am I aware of issues outside of my own life, I know how to take an active stand against injustice in the world. I’ve become a well-rounded person, and a fearless one.

Jessica Plante ’16 is the Rabb Endowed Scholar in Honor of Norman and Eleanor Rabb