Photo by Mike Lovett

Kristin Diamantides ’18


Brandeis Inside Out: Kristin Diamantides

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Biology major Kristin Diamantides ’18 is passionate about science and art. When the North Reading, Mass.-native is not in the lab or catching up with friends, she can be found performing with one of Brandeis’ many a capella groups, or enjoying the music in the audience.

How have you changed since you came here?

I am kinder and more self-confident. Coming into such a welcoming environment allowed me to open up and be myself, and it also encouraged me to be just as accepting of those around me.

Where’s your favorite place on campus?

The science atrium. It is the perfect place to study. The open space lets in a lot of natural light, and nearby Peet's Coffee keeps me going through long study sessions. It’s quiet but there is just enough background conversation to keep it from absolute silence.

What’s your favorite class?

So far, my favorite class is Bollywood: Popular Film, Genre and Society. I was nervous about taking a humanities class when most of my classes had been in the sciences, my strong suit. But this class introduced me to a very interesting topic. Watching films in this class helped me appreciate the work that goes into moviemaking, and how meaning can be found in a film based on its production.

What’s your favorite college memory?

So far, it’s the Outdoor Pre-Orientation. This program was my first Brandeis experience and it’s still my favorite because it introduced me to people and to activities that I never thought I would enjoy. When I applied for this program I went in with the mindset of trying new things and giving everything a chance. As a result, I made close friends and discovered new outdoor activities.

Kristin Diamantides ’18 is the Kenneth R. Warner Memorial Scholar