Extending Access to Higher Education

For more than 40 years, the Transitional Year Program has been an integral part of Brandeis' commitment to social justice

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Brandeis expands educational opportunities for 20 students each year through the Transitional Year Program. Brandeis admits students though TYP who show perseverance and maturity in their commitment to pursuing higher education. In their first year at Brandeis, students take small, college-level classes and receive strong academic support. Following their graduation from Brandeis, TYP students have gone on to become judges, surgeons, business owners, corporate leaders, activists, educators and more.

TYP alum Taisha Sturdivant '11 recognized she was not being prepared for college and took the initiative to change high schools so she could be on a track to higher education. After entering Brandeis through TYP, Taisha continued developing her skills, and in the process wrote several stories for the Boston Globe even before receiving a B.A. in her self-designed Urban Education major. Today, Taisha works for the Boston-based education nonprofit organization Discovering Justice as she prepares for law school.

Mohamed Sidique '14 escaped the violent civil war in Sierra Leone at the age of 7. This experience gave him a deep understanding of the value of education. He joined TYP because of the community. "This place opens doors for you, within academics, in understanding the world better, and in analyzing yourself to become a better citizen," he says. Mohamed's strengthened confidence is driving him to a degree in Political Science, on the track as a varsity sprinter, and around campus as a Community Advisor.

Brandeis has created educational access and provided life-changing experiences for more than a thousand students through TYP.