Photo by Mike Lovett

Victor Carreras '15


Brandeis Inside Out: Victor Carreras

Get the inside skinny on what it means to be Brandeisian from students themselves

Springfield, Mass. native Victor Carreras ’15 is determined to improve access to health care for the needy. Last year he went to Honduras with Brandeis Global Medical Brigades to help triage doctors take vitals and patient histories. A Health: Science, Society and Policy major, Carreras is also a member of ¡AHORA! and the Brandeis Big Siblings program.

What’s your favorite class?

Topics in Mexican Cinema with James Mandrell. I gained a whole new perspective on film. He always challenged me to do well and was willing to help any of his students. He is one of my favorite professors.

What makes Brandeis special?

The people. My transition to Brandeis would not have been as smooth without the wonderful connections I made with faculty and students.

When did it all click?

I struggled at Brandeis my first semester. I was previously enrolled at Holyoke Community College, and I was used to that environment and the routine I had back home. When I got here it wasn’t anything like that. I remember taking five classes, being in three clubs and working two part-time student jobs. At first, I tried to be the stereotype of the “Brandeis student” — a person with multiple majors who’s involved in many organizations. Then I realized that being a Brandeis student is whatever you make it to be. Be different, be you, be unique and value it. You are only an undergrad once!

How did you get to Brandeis?

A friend at Holyoke Community College mentioned that Brandeis was his dream school. I decided to apply and spoke to my academic adviser, who told me one other student had applied to Brandeis a few years earlier. So I was the second person from HCC to apply. I was accepted as a junior transfer student in fall 2013.

What’s your favorite college memory so far?

My awesome orientation. I was very nervous coming in as a transfer student but I was able to meet others like me, who, to this day, are my core group of friends. Good and bad, we’ve been through it all. I know they will always be in my life.

How have you changed since you came here?

Before, I was self-conscious about my image and my mannerisms. I was quiet. But in two years at Brandeis that has changed for the best. I can be who I am and not feel judged. If you’re open, you’ll find friends who will be your core group.

What’s your favorite place on campus?

The Intercultural Center. It is my second home and where my campus job is. The staff is wonderful and there are always so many great events, thanks to the student organizations at the Intercultural Center. I can’t stress enough its importance in my heart.