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RPJM 115

Challenges in Project Management

This course examines the various challenges that more often than not arise within the project lifecycle, threatening project success. The course examines the reasons these challenges occur, when in the lifecycle they tend to happen, and solutions for anticipating, preventing, minimizing and/or mitigating them. Because many of the challenges faced by project managers are relationship-based, the course explores all facets of communication as a vital skill in project management.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

Assess the most common challenges likely to arise in the project life cycle.
Identify within the lifecycle of a typical project when certain challenges will most likely arise.

Select the most appropriate strategies to anticipate, prevent, manage, and resolve the identified challenges.

Develop and manage effective issue resolution plans.

Identify and select effective approaches to the various dynamics of organizational and project team politics.

Identify and select methods of effective communication, including what methods to apply and when.

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