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RVTM 145

Virtual Management Independent Study

This course involves involves the demonstration of an integrated understanding and application of overall virtual team management and communication practices and techniques, through the creation and execution of an independent study project. It includes the development of a statement of intent before the start of the course that proposes an abstract for the project along with its objectives and preliminary milestones. Options for the project focus include: evaluate the virtual team management and communication practices in an organization; perform research in support of an organizational goal; explore current developments within the profession at the graduate level.

At the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate the Master of Science in the Virtual Team Management and Communications outcomes:

Apply knowledge of virtual team-leadership techniques and worldwide environments to foster better virtual team-building and direction.

Apply communication theory and methods to create effective communication, team-building and mutual confidence for virtual teams.

Apply knowledge of the virtual-communication tools and technology to establish successful ongoing team interaction, communication and exchange of information.

Formulate and implement strategies for managing distributed employees and teams to maximize their productivity.

Negotiate and manage contracts in various environments and identify and resolve conflicts in a virtual environment.

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