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RHIN 160

Legal Issues in Health and Medical Informatics

This course will offer students an opportunity to understand an historical perspective of Health Law, including how to assess liability in the workplace, the impact of information management and health care records, medical malpractice, risk management, current ethical and legal dilemmas in the practice of health care. This course focuses on some of the legal issues encountered in creating electronic interfaces between patients and the health care system in a variety of ways in which health care data is being utilized to support and enhance patient care, including documenting medical encounters, and serving as a benchmark of provider quality. Topics covered will include statutory and case law applicable to medical records and the developing regulatory infrastructure for such records. We will discuss the importance of use of electronic data in medical practice, institutional healthcare information systems, the inter-institutional record systems, and the risks, benefits and challenges, including how to manage risk of the employer and patient through the use of health information management medical records and how to determine personal risk and how to recognize potential litigious issues.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Students will have the opportunity to become conversant with and knowledgeable about the major forces / challenges that have shaped Health Law. Students will be provided with the necessary background on a wide range of current health care topics, enabling professionals to deal with common legal and practical problems facing the industry. This course will also examine case law and will offer students the opportunity to expand their legal knowledge through case law study method of learning to provide students an opportunity to better understand Health Law, review of the court system, application of the law and how to apply it in the real world.

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