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RSEG 125

Foundations of Software Quality Assurance

This course covers a broad range of topics related to software quality assurance (SQA). The course explores the combined application of a variety of SQA components, including: SQA activities typically performed by external participants; extension of SQA activities to project schedules and budget control; SQA implementation issues, SQA risk management considerations; and costs associated with SQA.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

Foster the development, adoption and sustained use of standards of excellence for software engineering practices, communicating the need for comprehensive SQA requirements to senior management.

Define and employ SQA processes and techniques to ensure that reliable software is delivered to end users.

Supporting outcomes:

Examine the environments for which SQA methods are developed.

Determine SQA objectives.

Illustrate the need for comprehensive SQA requirements.

Outline the considerations guiding construction of an organization's SQA system.

Determine software quality factors.

Explain SQA standards and assessment components.

Illustrate the contract review process and its stages.

Develop quality plans and quality plan objectives.

Describe verification, validation, and qualification.

Determine design review procedures.

Analyze software testing strategies.

Illustrate software testing implementation processes.

Examine SQA tools for assuring the quality of external participant's contributions.

Define corrective and preventative actions.

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