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RSEG 167

Service Oriented Architecture

The Service-Oriented Architecture course focuses on GPS students who are architects, designers, business analysts, IT managers. The course examines architecture and design, what the important principles of SOA are, and how they should be applied. It delves into each of the important aspects of architecture, including business, information, application, and technology, as they relate to service-oriented solutions:

1. Architects will learn the relationships between architectural concerns, enterprise context, and the SOA design process. This is particularly important in making architecture actionable.
2. Designers will learn a step-by-step process for the analysis and design of services, and what the different types and styles of services are. They will come to understand what information is required from the business for complete service design, how that relates to process and information models, and how it shows up in the different design artifacts. But most importantly, they will learn how to start thinking in terms of SOA; in other words, how to shift their design paradigm.
3. Business analysts will learn the relationship between business strategies, goals, and objectives, and the capabilities and information that are used to achieve them. Analysts will learn how to use business process models as the link between business architecture and IT design, specifically SOA.
4. IT Managers will get an understanding of the SOA architecture and design process that will enable them to understand, govern, plan, and manage SOA projects that deliver value to both their immediate project and to the enterprise.

The Service-Oriented Architecture Course is structured in three parts: Understanding SOA, Designing SOA and Case Studies.
Part I: Understanding SOA provides the motivation for SOA and the architectural requirements needed to meet them, then describes SOA architecture structure and principles, and finally describes the process for getting started with SOA in the enterprise.
Part II: Designing SOA explores the details of each step in the design process. It is roughly divided into two main areas:
1. Topics Starting with the Business, Service Context and Common Semantics, Designing Service Interfaces, Designing Service Implementations cover the design of services
2. Topics Composing Services, Using Services to Build Enterprise Solutions, Designing and Using Integration in SOA Solutions, SOA Security, SOA Governance focus on building enterprise SOA solutions.
Part III: Case Studies illustrate architecture and design principles and strategies by exploring two different case studies in depth. The first focuses on designing business services to support business processes. The second focuses on integrating existing applications into a service-oriented solution.
At the end of the course, students will be able to:

Use SOA Reference Architecture for creation of Commercial SOA Applications

Apply Service Identification, Service Specification, Service Realization, Service Life Cycle, Service Design Process to creation of Commercial SOA Applications

Apply Business Architecture, Business Motivation Model, Business Process Management and Modeling to creation of Commercial SOA Applications

Use Services Context and Common Semantics for creation of Commercial SOA Applications

Use Service Interfaces, Service Implementations, Service Composition for creation of Commercial SOA Applications

Apply SOA Integration Solutions for creation of Commercial SOA Applications

Apply SOA Security Solutions for creation of Commercial SOA Applications

Apply SOA Governance Solutions for creation of Commercial SOA Applications

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