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RIAS 125

Principles of Incident Response and Disaster Recovery

This course presents methods to identify vulnerabilities and take appropriate countermeasures to prevent, mitigate, and manage information failure risks for an organization. The course provides a foundation in disaster recovery principles, addressing concepts such as incident response; disaster recovery planning; risk assessment; policies and procedures; roles and relationships of various members of an organization; implementation of the plan; testing and rehearsal of the plan; and actually recovering from a disaster to insure business continuity.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

Prepare an incident response plan that addresses preparation, organization, prevention, detection, notification, reaction, recovery, and maintenance.

Prepare a disaster recovery plan that addresses preparation, implementation, operation, and maintenance.

Assess enterprise-level risks related to disaster recovery.

Develop policies and procedures related to disaster recovery.

Prepare a business continuity plan addressing preparations, implementation, operations, and maintenance.

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