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RPJM 125

Special Topics in Project Management

The field of project and program management continually evolves. Project management professional groups such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) introduce new and revised standards each year; organizations adopt novel approaches and refine existing methodologies; updated industry data and case studies on the effectiveness of project management practices become available.
This Project Management Special Topics course facilitates the introduction of cutting-edge project management practices as they are introduced in the industry.

Outcomes will vary by course, but in general, student will be able to:

Apply emerging project and program practices specific to the course.

Place concepts introduced in the course into the context of one’s organization and the existing suite of standards and practices employed.

Special Topics Course Offering:

Project Management in Biotech and Life Sciences

Note that this course may serve as an elective in both Project and Program Management and Health and Medical Informatics. This course is designed to help individuals build project management skills in the Biotech and Life Sciences industry. The course offers practical project management skills and knowledge focusing on the main areas of these industries – clinical, regulatory, manufacturing, supply chain and quality. While focusing on some of the main principles of project management, the individual will explore other considerations such as patient safety, regulatory oversight, compliance, automation, sophisticated global delivery and other areas specific to these industries. The course will also focus on industry challenges and risks such as generics and time to market considerations which impact project management approaches.

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