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RHIN 120

Health/Medical Information Systems Security

This course addresses security, privacy, and compliance issues as they impact health information systems. The course explores and evaluates the moral and ethical concepts of information security. Students will explore security issues including restricted access and physical security of hardware/software along with the evaluation of information security tools. The course covers health data integrity, risks, and audit ability techniques along with regulatory compliance, confidentiality and privacy of patient data. The overall goal of the course is the evaluation and implementation of security in health information systems.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

Recognize the role of information security, key concepts and the functions it plays on the business, organizational structure, healthcare industry and everyone involved in health care.

Understand the healthcare industry’s key concepts, security standards, healthcare applications and systems.

Recognize the need and ongoing maintenance of the information security program and how the information security function is positioned within organizations.

Identify the technical, organizational and human factors associated with information security.

Evaluate information security tools and perform regular audits to protect against threats facing healthcare organizations.

Differentiate between regulations, laws and ethics and understand the role of culture as it applies in information security and healthcare.

Assess risks to the security of data in a healthcare organization to minimize information security risks in the organization.

Understand how incident response planning, disaster recovery planning and business continuity are related to business contingency planning.

Oversee the systems development lifecycle (SDLC) for secure
application systems design.

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