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RSAN 110

Business Intelligence, Analytics and Decision Making

Using advanced analytics, organizations can study “big data” to understand the current state of the business and track evolving aspects such as customer behavior. This course provides students the opportunity to develop an in-depth and real-world understanding of modern day data analytics. Students will be able to understand business goals and objectives as to why various types of organizations are utilizing and dependent upon data analytics. The course explores the importance of the various types of information systems and integration models in order to ensure accurate and reliable data in providing effective and efficient data analytics. Along with this, the course examines data model infrastructures and data preparation, along with data analysis, integration, and knowledge discovery.

Students will be able to understand the tools and techniques used to evaluate key components of data analytics including operations, quality, utilization, policy, and management. Students will not only be able to analyze and interpret various categories of data analytics, they also will explore the most effective ways to illustrate and present data to a number of different types of key stakeholders in various organizational settings.

At the end of this course the student will be able to:
• Describe “big data”
• Analyze and interpret various categories of data analytics
• Assess data analytics tool types, including those based on predictive analytics, data mining, and statistics
• Explain the use of business intelligence (BI), including data warehousing and data analytics, to support managerial decision-making
• Analyze the structure and technological role data warehousing plays in business intelligence.
• Evaluate methodologies for developing applications in an integrated BI environment.

Prerequisite: None

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