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Application to Graduate - Master's Degree

Application to petition for a review of programs and course taken to qualify for graduation and issuance of degree.

Course Drop Form

Students can drop a course at any time prior to the 10th class meeting.

Course Waiver Form

Students accepted to a master’s program may occasionally waive out of a core course in which they can demonstrate proficiency. GPS makes final decisions on course waiver applications.

Deferral Request

Students who are accepted into a master’s degree program can defer their start of courses for up to one year from the time of acceptance (three terms).

Full Time Student Request Form

Students who are looking to enroll in more than 2 course for any given term will have to submit a Full Time Student Request Form to being the application process.

Late Registration Form

This form may be used or required to register for courses for those who are unable to register through SAGE.

Parking Permit Application

Parking permits are issued directly by Graduate Professional Studies once a completed parking permit application has been submitted.

Request Itemized Statement

Student may request an itemized statement by submitting this form.

Request to Receive an Incomplete Grade

Requests for incompletes may be presented to an instructor after a student successfully completes weeks 1 through 7 of a class, and on or prior to the 9th week of class. Students must make a written agreement with their instructor, outlining specific work to be completed and corresponding due dates.

Transfer Credit Request Form

Students may petition for the evaluation of academic credit for transfer from another regionally accredited United States university or college, to be applied for credit toward a master’s degree program.

Withdrawal Notification Form

Students who are accepted into a master’s degree program and wish to withdraw formally from the program must declare their intentions with Graduate Professional Studies.

Next Virtual Open House

Please join us for our next Virtual Open House.  Check out our Admissions Events to see a listing of upcoming program specific Virtual Open Houses, and get connected with program chairs, current students and administrative staff at GPS.

Get Advice

Brandeis GPS is committed to giving our students the help they need to navigate their degree programs. From the moment you begin the application process to the day you receive your degree, our advising staff is there to support you. Schedule a call with an enrollment advisor now.

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