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On August 12, Information Technology Services will be upgrading accounts to LinkedIn Learning in order to take advantage of the newly-named service’s features and capability to work with LinkedIn to support your learning needs. Although you will notice changes to the longtime learning and professional development platform - primarily in the user interface - many of the features that are popular with users will remain intact. You do not need to take any action during the transition and you will not lose any information associated with your account as all admin and learner data including content, account settings, and histories will carry over to LinkedIn Learning. Faculty and staff will continue to have the opportunity to create custom playlists that can be shared as classroom resources in LATTE or directly link to specific videos within LinkedIn Learning. 


LinkedIn Learning (formerly offers users of any skill level with more than 5,000 high-quality educational videos on topics ranging from using different technologies to building business and professional skills. All active Brandeis faculty, staff and students have free, unlimited access to this online repository of instructional videos.


Learn a new skill online, on your own time!

Start building professional skills today with LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand learning solution designed to help you gain new skills. With LinkedIn Learning, you’ll experience the same things you love about like:


You must be an active Brandeis faculty, staff or student to use LinkedIn Learning.


Courses include the latest technology, creative, and business skills, delivered through high-quality instructional videos, which includes all the content from and much more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access LinkedIn Learning?

All active Brandeis faculty, staff, and students with a username and password have unlimited access to all the materials on LinkedIn Learning.

What changes will I see from the move from to LinkedIn Learning??

Your ‘Playlists’ will now become ‘Collections’ and the user interface (i.e., colors and fonts) will change.

Can I continue to use while the migration is going on?

We are expecting up to 18 hours of downtime. Unfortunately, will not be available during the downtime.

I started a class on, will I still be able to access it on LinkedIn Learning?

Yes, your course history and all the courses from will be available on LinkedIn Learning. Also, you will be able to easily find your course in your history and complete it on LinkedIn Learning.

Do I need to connect to my LinkedIn profile?

You do not need to connect this to your LinkedIn Profile, or create a LinkedIn account in order to use the resources available on LinkedIn Learning.

Will the mobile app continue to work on my personal device?

You will need to download the LinkedIn Learning app to replace the app if you currently use Lynda content on your mobile or tablet.

Where can I find an activation code or link to access LinkedIn Learning?
Using an activation code or link is not necessary at Brandeis, due to how accounts are managed. Any active Brandeis faculty, student can access LinkedIn Learning using Brandeis username and password.
If I already have a personal or business subscription with, how can I cancel my previous account?

To cancel your personal or business subscription account with you should contact customer service to deactivate your subscription.