WWI African-American veterans

World War I and the African-American experience

Racial discrimination in the army helped lay the groundwork for the civil rights movement decades later

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Former students, colleagues celebrate Art Wingfield

By Leah Burrows

Earlier this week, nearly 100 colleagues, former students and friends gathered on campus to celebrate long-time professor Arthur Wingfield’s storied career with research presentations and personal recollections.  More »

Alums, founders of YouVisit.com, serve as inspiration for students

By Jarret Bencks

Endri Tolka ‘03 and Taher Baderkhan ‘03 spoke with students about starting their company and showed off what they have in development – college tours with Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. More »

Small steps and giant leaps

By Leah Burrows

Brandeis University’s Ashton Graybiel Spatial Orientation Lab has advanced our understanding of how humans can live and work in space, among many other achievements.  More »