Behold: The drip-free wine bottle!

Wine bottle dripping contrasted with drip-free wine bottle By Lawrence Goodman

Anyone who has ever poured wine knows about the drips that fall off the side of the bottle. At long last, a Brandeis physicist has figured out a fix. More »

Brandeis chapter of Phi Beta Kappa elects 99 new members

Phi Beta Kappa logo

Of the new members, 91 come from the class of 2017 and 8 come from the class of 2018. They will be recognized in a ceremony on May 20 at 1:30 in Spingold Theater Center. More »

At Brandeis, a symposium for black lives

A panel discussion during the Black Lives Matter symposium in March 2017.By Jarret Bencks

"Black Lives Matter: Local Movements, Global Futures" featured a series of teach-ins organized by students from course taught by professors Chad Williams and Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman. More »