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Michael Rosbash, the Peter Gruber Endowed Chair in Neuroscience and professor of biology, and Jeffrey C. Hall, professor emeritus of biology, winners of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

The pickup basketball game that led to a Nobel Prize

Hall and Rosbash tell NPR's Only A Game about the sports underpinnings of their Nobel-winning partnership

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Nonprofits challenge Brandeis students to create innovative tools through 3D printing

Brandeis sophomore Rabeya Hussaini presents her 3D project in front of a crowd.

Brandeis students were asked to solve a problem for a local nonprofit using 3D printing technology. Find out what they created and how. More »

Meet our new faculty member: Jean-Paul L’Huillier

Jean Paul L'Huilier

L’Huillier, an assistant professor in the department of economics and Brandeis International Business School, is excited about developing new tools to fight liquidity traps. More »

Rethinking revolutions

A man holds a flower out to a soldier.

Revolutions in the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean in the 20th century are often examined in comparison with revolutions in France or Russia. What if they were examined with greater focus on how they interacted with each other instead?  More »