Music lecturer Jason McStoots wins opera Grammy

McStoots was part of an ensemble for the Boston Early Music Festival that won a Grammy for best opera

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Thomas Friedman ’75, H’88: Role of climate change overlooked in Middle East turmoil

By David E. Nathan

Thomas Friedman '75, H'88 said the “-ism” that will determine the Middle East’s future will be environmentalism, not radicalism or extremism, during a talk at Brandeis. More »

Science friction: This basic force can unlock futuristic technologies

By Leah Burrows

Professor Zvonimir Dogic explored friction at the microscopic level and discovered that the force is much stronger than previously thought. The discovery is an important step toward understanding the physics of the cellular and molecular world and designing the next generation of microscopic and nanotechnologies. More »

#TheDress effect: What you see isn't necessarily what's there

By Leah Burrows

Last week, a poorly lit picture of a dress sparked one of the fiercest debates in Internet history: Was it white and gold or blue and black? Now that the dust has settled, it’s time for a more important question: Why did people see the dress differently? ReAction asked biology professor Stephen Van Hooser to break down the science of the dress.  More »