LaShawn Simmons '18 breaks down barriers and builds empowerment with poetry

With a CAST program grant, the Posse Scholar made "Ebony Axis," a zine for black women on campus

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Brandeis University releases survey results on sexual misconduct on campus

The survey measures the prevalence of and attitudes about sexual misconduct among undergraduate and graduate students at Brandeis. It also assesses student awareness of prevention and response services on campus, and will be used to guide improvements in these areas. More »

Nyah Macklin '16 leads and unites the Brandeis community with her voice

By Julian Cardillo ‘14

BrandeisNOW caught up with Nyah Macklin, the new president of the Student Union, and found out more about her and her priorities for the campus in her tenure this year. More »

For Jacob MacKay '16, cello hit the right note at Brandeis

By Jarret Bencks

Jacob MacKay performed in Jerusalem and the West Bank last year, and has ambitions to play his cello around the world. More »