Finding alternatives to opioids for service members and veterans with chronic pain

Heller scientist Mary Jo Larson wins $3 million to evaluate alternatives to highly addictive prescription painkillers

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New England agriculture and the evolving Thanksgiving table

By Julian Cardillo

Farming historian and associate professor of environmental studies Brian Donahue discusses the traditional Thanksgiving menu and its evolution over the centuries. More »

Supreme Court case could set standard for Internet threats

By Jarret Bencks

Elonis v. United States will be the subject of a conference at Brandeis on Dec. 2, featuring speakers who wrote briefs submitted to the Supreme Court. More »

ADHD pandemic causes researchers to fidget

By Leah Burrows

In a recent paper in the journal Social Science and Medicine, professor Peter Conrad and coauthor Meredith Bergey examined the growth of ADHD in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Brazil.  More »