'Conference of the Birds' is a Persian poem adapted for the stage

The performance by the Brandeis Theater Company, directed by Hafiz Karmali, runs from Nov. 20 to 23

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ADHD pandemic causes researchers to fidget

By Leah Burrows

In a recent paper in the journal Social Science and Medicine, professor Peter Conrad and coauthor Meredith Bergey examined the growth of ADHD in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Brazil.  More »

Enter Jesse Appell ’12: comedian and global Internet sensation

By Julian Cardillo

Fulbright Scholarship to study Chinese comedy leads Brandeis alumnus to use humor to connect people and nations. More »

The fix is in: How banks allegedly rigged the foreign exchange market

Brandeis International Business School Professor Carol Osler explains why some of the world's largest banks have been accused of manipulating the foreign currency exchange. More »