jeffrey brown

Rev. Jeffrey Brown, a transformative clergyman, wins Richman Fellowship

Brown, a combatant of youth violence in the Boston area, earned the Richman Fellowship

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Behold: The drip-free wine bottle!

Wine bottle dripping contrasted with drip-free wine bottle By Lawrence Goodman

Anyone who has ever poured wine knows about the drips that fall off the side of the bottle. At long last, a Brandeis physicist has figured out a fix. More »

Inventing a new kind of matter

Dogic and FradenBy Lawrence Goodman

Researchers recreate the system that causes cells to change shape. The result: a liquid that can move by itself.  More »

Not a pretty picture: the climate-change threat faced by a small island nation

By Julie Jette

The Tuvalu ambassador is at Brandeis to speak about climate change, which will all but eradicate his tiny island nation in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. More »