Obesity and stress pack a double hit for health

Brandeis researchers explore the relationship between weight and stress-induced inflammation

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The places you’ll go: Students prepare to study abroad

By Julian Cardillo

The Office of Study Abroad hosted its annual fair for students who are considering going overseas to continue their academic and cultural growth. More »

New science and research blog brings Brandeis science out of the lab

By Leah Burrows

ReAction is a new science and research blog being launched today by the Office of Communications. Featuring videos, stories and photography, along with guest posts from students, faculty and alumni, ReAction is the place to learn about what’s hot — and cool — in Brandeis research.  More »

Study: Emotional reactions to fiction and 'based on a true story' are about the same

By Jarret Bencks

Consumers tend to think they will have a stronger emotional reaction to works based on real events, but recent research by Professor Jane Ebert found reactions were insensitive to whether content was fiction. More »