Project brings black artists to the forefront

The ART | BLACKNESS | DIASPORA project is bringing premiere African-American artists to Brandeis

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Coding something beautiful

By Leah Burrows

Joelle Robinson ’18 thrives on the creative process. For Robinson, it’s all about building something from nothing, and making it effective and affecting, whether it’s a computer program or a new play.  More »

Brandeis spirit band amps it up

By Julian Cardillo

With help from Senior Vice President of Students and Enrollment Andrew Flagel and the Brandeis music department, the Brandeis Spirit Band is ready to perform. More »

Evolution may hold the key to rational drug design

By Leah Burrows

In the journal Science, Dorothee Kern outlines a new approach to studying cancer-causing proteins that may have a major impact on the development of rational drugs to fight cancer.  More »