Broken heart with man and woman on either half.

A feminist guide to Jewish divorce

Traditional Jewish law requires a woman to get her husband's approval to end a marriage. Legal scholar Lisa Fishbayn Joffe advocates for a more egalitarian approach.

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Why Gary Samore isn’t worrying (so much) about the bomb

nuclear fallout symbol

A veteran arms control negotiator, Samore thinks we're doing a pretty good job at controlling the spread of nuclear weapons. Even with North Korea and Iran, he sees no reason to panic.  More »

Stop-and-frisk on the way to school

An illustration of students walking that is made to appear as though it was drawn on a chalkboard.

Stop-and-frisk search and school safety are both subjects of frequent public debate, but there’s a place these two issues meet that hasn’t gotten much attention: On the journeys of city students to and from school.  More »

It’s the final countdown: How are your fellow Brandeisians managing their finals week?

Stressed about final exams? Don't be. Yvette Cho '19 and her peers have some study tips. More »