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Bozhanka Vitanova, MA’16

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Master of Science in Finance (MSF)

Financial theory, analysis and strategy.
9-month, 16-month, dual-degree and part-time programs.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Flexible, innovative and wide-ranging. Accelerate or transform your career.
2-year, dual-degree and part-time programs.

Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)

Intersection of business and big data. 12-month, 16-month, dual-degree and part-time programs.

Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance (MA)

Analytical skills and experience in business, economics and finance. 1-year, 2-year, dual-degree and part-time programs.

Klodeta Janaqi, MBA’21

“I love the spirit and culture of Brandeis. The sense of belonging to a community that cares for you like a family member is priceless. Additionally, the alumni network offers many professional opportunities for our students.”

Klodeta Janaqi, MBA’21
Senior Financial Analyst, Google

Matthew Gubenko, MA'21

“Faculty can be counted on for networking opportunities, as well as helping you gain specific extracurricular skills that are key in getting the job and career you want.”

Matthew Gubenko, MA’21
Analyst — Strategy & Analytics, Deloitte Consulting

Moyinoluwa Abiola, MSF’20

“My experience at Brandeis gave me the push I was looking for. I wanted a school that was focused on building my career and the Career Strategies and Engagement Center provided me with the resources I needed to succeed.”

Moyinoluwa Abiola, MSF’20
Senior Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Shan He, MSBA'21

“The professors spent so much time teaching, guiding and mentoring us with passion and professionalism.”

Shan He, MSBA’21
Research Analyst, IMF

Hitesh Sharma, MSF'21

“The professors have open-door policies. They’ll not only spend one-on-one time with you but also connect you to people in the industry to help you with your professional pursuits.”

Hitesh Sharma, MSF’21
Investment Analyst, BlackRock

Klodeta Janaqi, MBA’21
Matthew Gubenko, MA'21
Moyinoluwa Abiola, MSF’20
Shan He, MSBA'21
Hitesh Sharma, MSF'21

Facts & Figures


Brandeis University is ranked 60th by U.S. News & World Report among national universities in the United States.


of seeking students secured an internship or field project.


average U.S. salary and bonus, with salaries ranging up to $150,000 based on industry and experience.


of job seekers secured employment or started their own business within six months of graduation.

100% of admitted students are automatically considered for scholarships. Scholarships available up to full tuition.

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