Brandeis International Business School

Moyinoluwa Abiola, MSF’20: Attentive faculty, practical classes and experiential learning opportunities

MSF Mo AbiolaWhy were you drawn to Brandeis International Business School?

I wanted a school where I would definitely be given the opportunity for experiential and practical learning, as well as a place that would provide the platform to kick off my career.

What were the highlights of your time at Brandeis?  

It was a great experience. The community of classmates, faculty and staff was great. Classes like Technical Analysis and Financial Modeling were very practical and built my confidence. And all my professors (emphasis on the “all”) were attentive and helpful.

What experiential learning opportunities did you have?

I participated in a field project with Prof. Hamza Abdurezak and James Quinn, managing director of CaseStudy Co. In researching case studies of children using ed tech products, I analyzed factors including market size, potential risk, competitors and market entry strategies. After my field project, I interned with The Opes Group, studying programs that benefit minority and women-owned businesses in New York.

What would you say to prospective Brandeis International Business School students?

The opportunities are there! Get involved, learn, explore, make moments and enjoy the experience.

Master of Science in Finance
Class of 2020

Senior Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Undergraduate Degree
Economics, Minnesota State University

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