RMGT 102

Strategic Information Technology: Operational Strategy

This course examines strategic operational issues from the perspective of the CIO or IT Director, exploring how IT organizations can best be managed. The course explores best practices for deploying limited financial and human resources for optimal results.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

Assess the importance of planning in IT organizations and contrast it to other types of business planning.

Discuss the strategic value of a technology roadmap.

Discuss key issues in IT budgeting.

Identify the level of maturity of a particular IT organization, and explain the factors that contribute to a more mature IT organization.

Identify the key operational issues and core capabilities required to deliver IT services, as well as the role of standards to assess in delivering and measuring the quality of IT services.

Identify the different options in sourcing, along with their advantages, disadvantages and potential concerns.

Assess ways of effectively managing IT's information management and information delivery responsibilities.

Discuss the impact of government regulation on IT, and assess major regulations and their significance; assess ways that IT can support an effective policy and regulatory compliance program.

Evaluate the role and functions of the CIO, and assess attributes of a successful CIO.

Identify the major factors in IT planning and implementation in a global organization.