RHIN 150

Emerging Technologies in Health/Medical Informatics

In today’s dynamic healthcare IT environment, emerging technologies represent a critical and exciting field of study. Advances in technologies across all aspects of healthcare promise to make dramatic impacts in terms of the efficiency and efficacy of care with major implications for clinical quality and cost. This course introduces students to a number of emerging classes of healthcare information technologies. The course also considers the unique challenges that the healthcare industry presents in terms of planning, implementation, and adoption of new technologies. While the content of the class is dynamic and continually evolving, emerging technologies are broad enough to split into static categories. The categories present emerging technologies that represent the major fields within health and medical informatics, including:
Health/medical information systems (including hospital-based information systems, billing, scheduling, etc.).
Clinical/decision support systems, including standardized language lexicon Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) technologies including integration issues and standards.
E-health, telemedicine, connected health, location-based technologies, personalized medicine.
Interdisciplinary integrations: bioinformatics (biomedical informatics), etc.