RSEG 175

Mobile Applications and Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices are increasingly prevalent and consequently demand attention from organizations. Mobile devices are not only a telephone -- they are small personal computers including smart phones, PDAs and tablets/iPad. The devices allow the user to access the Web, as well as introduce a world of applications. The Web sites and applications used through a mobile device have serious business impact and potential.

This course covers the study hand-held of mobile devices and teaches hands-on approaches to working with them. Concepts addressed include how to create responsive Web sites that take advantage of mobile devices and creating custom device-specific native applications.
Assignments will give students the opportunity to create responsive web sites and Android mobile applications that they can run on simulators and/or on their own mobile devices. Having a mobile device is not required and will not impact coursework or grade.

At the end of the course, students will be able to:
• Create Web content appropriate for use on mobile devices.
• Create responsive Web site, optimized for display on mobile devices.
• Add interactivity to mobile Web sites via JavaScript and AJAX.
• Test mobile Web sites created by peers.
• Write requirements documentation and create wireframes.
• Evaluate mobile platforms for strengths and weaknesses.
• Obtain and install Google Android software development kit (SDK).
• Create native Android application.