RUCD 292

Internship in User-Centered Design

Prerequisites: Prior or concurrent enrollment in all required UCD courses and permission of the chair.

Internships are temporary positions for students that provide the opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experience related to their individual career goals and/or field of study. There are many benefits in pursuing an internship, including valuable workplace experience, learning from professionals, meeting new contacts, and testing your "fit" in a field.
UX internships offer students the opportunity to apply the design and research skills they have mastered through UCD coursework. Students are responsible for securing the internship and the support of a site supervisor with a UX background who is willing to commit to actively mentoring them throughout the session. The internship has to have a specific focus on one or more aspects of user experience or an adjacent field (user research, UX design, service design, etc.). Students cannot earn internship credit through their current position/employer. Students must work at least 100 hours at the internship site, and complete a portfolio piece based on their experience.
Students are limited to completing one internship for graduate credit as part of their Master’s degree. Internships must be secured and approved by the chair at least three months prior to the start of the session.