RHIN 126

Advanced Healthcare Data Analytics

This course will provide an in-depth and real-world understanding of modern day healthcare data analytics. Students will be able to understand the business goals and objectives as to why various types of healthcare organizations and emerging models of care use and depend on this data. Students will be able to understand the importance of the various types of electronic healthcare systems and integration models to ensure accurate and reliable data in providing effective and efficient healthcare analytics. Through assignments, case studies and class exercises, students will be able to understand the tools and techniques used to evaluate key components of healthcare analytics, including operations, financial, quality, utilization, care retention, policy and contract management. Furthermore, the understanding of payer claims data and various types of healthcare data standards will be an integral part in understanding the foundational elements in providing healthcare analytics. Finally, students will not only be able to analyze and interpret various categories of healthcare data analytics, they will also be shown the most effective ways to illustrate and present data to a number of different types of key stakeholders in various healthcare organizational settings.