RHAN 120

Data Mining and Visualization in Healthcare

Among the most promising developments in data analytics is the growth in Data/Information Visualization. Across numerous disciplines, tools and techniques are emerging that help people interactively analyze and understand the flood of data now available. There is rapid growth in the availability of tools and also in the number of domains in which these techniques are deployed, including healthcare.

Visualization can tap into the ways in which health professionals rapidly and intuitively process information, taking advantage of IT tools to move beyond tabular displays and simple graphs. The theory and techniques of data visualization not only make information accessible, but also can open paths to exploration of cause and effect.

This course provides an overview of the field of data visualization, presenting current theory and best practices to students. We will rely heavily on hands-on learning, developing skills in Tableau and R. Although we naturally will use particular software, the lessons are aimed at principles so that students can continue to refine their skills as new tools emerge. Students will learn to evaluate and assess existing visualizations as well as develop their own information-rich interactive displays.