RPJM 115

Challenges in Project Management

The Project Management industry has grown immensely over the last ten years, and its trajectory is not slowing down.  As a result, the skill-set that Project Managers bring to the table is becoming more and more desirable to leaders, customers, project team members, subject matter experts, and stakeholders of all kinds.  Project Management is both a science and an art, and with both come specific challenges that Project Managers consistently face throughout the project lifecycle.

This course will examine those various challenges that more often than not arise within projects lifecycle, threatening project success.  The course gives students the opportunity to analyze the reasons these challenges occur and solutions for anticipating, preventing, minimizing and/or mitigating them. Because the primary source of many of these challenges are related to people, process, and communication, the course will focus heavily on these three elements, while also leaving room for additional challenges that may stem from different sources.

Successful Project Management requires people to excel in collaboration, facilitation, and communication.  Therefore, this course’s activities will vary between individual reading, group discussions, individual assignments, and collaborative team assignments.  Students should be ready to be on camera, collaborate with their fellow classmates to identify and analyze the challenges presented, and get creative with resolutions for the issues that arise as a result of these challenges.