Before You Submit

Review the key dates below. Make sure you’ve submitted your application for degree and Certification of Thesis Acceptance. Early submissions are welcome! 

Degree Cycle

Type of Submission


February 2020

Degree Application

November 1

Certification of Thesis Acceptance 

January 14

Electronic Thesis Deposit

January 15

May 2020

Degree Application

March 2

Certification of Thesis Acceptance 

April 20

Electronic Thesis Deposit

April 21

August 2020

Degree Application

June 19

Certification of Thesis Acceptance 

August 5

Electronic Thesis Deposit

August 6

Margins and Fonts


Top margin of the first page of each chapter/section of the body of your thesis: 2 inches

Left, bottom, and right margins: 1 inch

Top margin for all other pages of your thesis: 1 inch


Times New Roman, Arial, Cambria, and Calibri are recommended fonts

Size 12, but longer quotations, references, and notes can be size 10 or size 11


Title Page, Abstract, and Copyright Page

Follow the templates, exactly, as they are shown.

Where there are parentheses, you will remove the parentheses and replace the text with your own text.

Include permission letters, if applicable, in your thesis. 

Check the controlled vocabulary when listing your department or program. 

(subheaders for this section as follows):


Double-space all text, aside from the following exceptions:

Single space all notes, bibliographic references, and long quotations.


No blank pages, all single-sided text.

Moving between and landscape and portrait is fine, but refer to pagination guidelines when doing so.


Pay close attention to the transitions from Roman to Arabic numerals. All page numbers should be centered at the bottom of the page, when turned to portrait. Should you have any landscape pages in your thesis, the page number still needs to appear centered at the bottom of the page when in portrait orientation.


Page Numbering

Title Page

number not printed on the page, but is still considered page i

Copyright Page

number not printed on the page, but is still considered page ii

Acknowledgements (Optional)

number is printed on the page, start with iii or ii if no Copyright page is used


Continue with Roman numerals, printed

Preface (Optional)

Continue with Roman numerals, printed

Table of Contents

Continue with Roman numerals, printed

List of Tables

Continue with Roman numerals, printed

List of Illustrations/Figures

Continue with Roman numerals, printed


Start Arabic Numerals, beginning with page 1, printed on the page

Main Body, Appendices, Bibliography

Continue with Arabic numerals, printed

EXPLANATION OF PAGINATION—Printed v. Not-Printed: While page numbers are not printed on the Title and Copyright pages, these pages still count (they are pages i and ii), which is why your Acknowledgements page is page iii.

Submitting Your Thesis

Submission to the IR


Name your file with your last name, thesis, and year of degree conferral. Example: PeckThesis2017.PDF 

Your file should be a PDF when you submit it to the BIR. Embed all fonts when converting to a PDF.

IR Portal

Once your thesis is in a suitable PDF format for submission, go to  and select “login” under My Account. Use your Unet ID and password to log in.  Select the Submissions option under My Account.  This will take you to the first step of the submission process.