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Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Brandeis University
MS 031
415 South Street
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453-2783

781-736-3412 (fax)

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Senior Management

Eric Chasalow
Eric Chasalow
Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli
Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Jaclyn Farina
Jaclyn Farina
Assistant Dean of Admission

Admission and Enrollment

Amy Reardon
Amy Reardon
Associate Director of Admission
Monique Howell
Monique Howell
Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Admission
Carrie Robertson
Carrie Robertson
Admissions Data Analyst

Student Academic and Financial Services

Simon Goodacre
Simon Goodacre
Associate Director of Communications and Marketing
Elizabeth Kurian
Elizabeth Kurian
Budget Coordinator
Emily Goldberg
Department Coordinator
Emily Wheeler
Senior Department Coordinator

Career Services

Sue Levine
Sue Levine
Associate Director of Career Development
Marika McCann
Marika McCann
Assistant Director of Career Development
Topic Staff Person
Alumni & Donor Relations S. Goodacre
Application Questions (admission) A. Reardon
Awards & Prizes  A. Canelli
Career Counseling S. Levine
Deferrals (admission) C. Robertson
Degree and Extension Monitoring A. Canelli
Disability Coordinator J. Basile
Dissertation Submission A. Canelli
Employer Relations S. Levine
Fellowships (external) M. Howell
Financial Assistance (master's and postbaccalaureate) M. Howell
Funding (doctoral) E. Bishop
Graduate Council E. Chasalow and A. Canelli
Graduation E. Goldberg
Grievance Procedures E. Chasalow
GSA/Council on Graduate Student Issues Liaison A. Canelli
Health Services Liaison E. Bishop
Job Search S. Levine
Master's Thesis Submission A. Canelli
Newsletter S. Goodacre
Non-Degree/Special Students C. Robertson
Orientation (new students) S. Weglinski
Payroll Liaison E. Bishop
Ph.D. Travel Requests E. Bishop
Rabb Office Assignments E. Goldberg
Readmission A. Canelli
Recruitment  J. Farina and S. Goodacre
Registrar Liaison A. Canelli
Student Change of Status A. Canelli
Student Financial Services Liaison M. Howell
Student Loans M. Howell
Teaching Fellow Practicum A. Canelli
Tuition Deposits M. Howell
Website S. Goodacre

Topics Covered Outside of the GSAS

Topic Staff Person or Office
Graduate Student Affairs Graduate Student Affairs
Health Insurance & Immunizations Health Center
Housing (off-campus) Steven Weglinski
International Students & Scholars ISSO
Registrar (graduate) Richard Cunnane
Student Accounts Student Accounts