Department and/or Program Name Note
Graduate Program in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies Do not use Department of Classical Studies
Department of Biochemistry
Graduate Program in Biophysics and Structural Biology
Department of Chemistry
Department of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science Graduate Program in Computational Linguistics may be used as well
Graduate Program in Cultural Production
Department of English and American Literature
Graduate Program in Genetic Counseling
Graduate Program in Global Studies
Department of History
Graduate Program in Molecular and Cell Biology Housed under Department of Biology
Department of Music Graduate Program in Music Composition and Theory may be used as well
Department of Music Graduate Program in Musicology may be used as well
Department of Music & Interdepartmental Program in Women's and Gender Studies, but degree is granted by the Music Department
Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
Interdepartmental Program in Neuroscience
Department of Physics
Department of Politics
Department of Psychology