In our Geeking Out With...series, we talk to GSAS students about their passions, from research to teaching to off-campus hobbies. Read all the profiles here!

February 2024: Joseph Weisberg, History PhD student, talks about his research on Jewish American relationships to slavery and how he arrived at this focus.

January 2024: Medha Asthana, Anthropology PhD student, talks about their love for music in all spheres of life.

December 2023: Ayla Cordell, English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies master's student, talks about her role on the GSAS professional development team.

November 2023: Anjali Pandey, Molecular and Cell Biology PhD student, talks about science and telling its stories.

October 2023: Joshua Perlmutter, Mathematics PhD student, talks about watching and ranking movies with friends.

September 2023: Miranda Peery, English PhD student, talks about her range of teaching experiences.