Begins April 2

Please read the following to determine if you need to register for the GSAS Graduate Summer Term. Please note that students in need of a summer loan must be actively pursuing academic studies and must be enrolled in one of the necessary courses as outlined below.   

Master's students in the programs listed below are required to register for summer and should complete registration through SAGE self-service no later than the date listed:

Ph.D. students in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, or Computer Science are required to register for summer and will be enrolled by the Registrar.

Students who intend to complete their degree program for an August degree must be enrolled this summer. 

Note: the deadline for filing an August degree application is June 18, 2021; the online application will be available on the Registrar’s website in early May.

Students who complete all program requirements (including acceptance of thesis if submitted):

After June 1, 2021: Registration is required and fee must be paid.

Brandeis Summer School

Students who are pursuing a Master's degree or Post-Baccalaureate credit may choose to enroll in graduate level courses in the Brandeis Summer School. Some GSAS departments may choose to designate selected courses offered through the Summer School for credit towards a GSAS Master's degree or Post-Baccalaureate credit. Students may review course listings in the Summer School BulletinStudents should register for Summer School courses by contacting Richard Cunnane  in the Office of the Registrar and NOT enroll in courses via the Summer School website.  

Justice Brandeis Semester (JBS) Course Registration

Upon confirmation of participation, students will be registered in the JBS Program. Students will not have to take any action in terms of enrolling in the Program courses. 

Note: GSAS students who register for summer courses in the Summer School, Heller, or IBS will be expected to pay the appropriate tuition to that school.