illustration of a woman scientist standing on a molecular bond watching the pieces of molecule fly away like birds

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Scientific Minds Over Matter

Brandeis researchers are using cellular components to build new kinds of machines and materials. They walk. They flow. They may fuel the next scientific revolution.

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David Bonazzi
Simon Sinek '95

The Workforce Whisperer

Leadership expert Simon Sinek ’95 teaches employers and employees to live happier, more successful lives. How? By focusing on their “why.”

illustration of a man in a suit dancing

A Fool in Yiddishland

Feh! Being Jewish doesn’t make you a Yiddish expert. Lay off the shtik, and learn a few things you didn’t know.

a tranquilo mat - portable vibrating mat for soothing infants

The Mother of All Baby Calmers

Fretful babies made maternity nurse Melissa Gersin ’05 squirm. So she designed and built the Tranquilo Mat, which — with funding from “Shark Tank” — is ready to de-stress tots and parents all over the world.

Daniel Shapiro ’91

The Brandeis Questionnaire

Daniel Shapiro ’91 trades diplomacy in Israel for time to reflect.

Tutsi survivors: man and child of theDemocratic Republic of Congo

In the Crucible of the Congo

WEB EXCLUSIVE. During his first tour in Africa, a young refugee worker’s moral mettle is tested when he makes a decision that puts many lives in the balance.