Composite photo of the seven Brandeisians who contributed to this story

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It’s a Moment of Racial Reckoning. Is It Also a Moment of Real Change?

Seven Brandeisians share their stories of racial injustice — and their hopes for a better tomorrow.

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Portion of the cover page of Tom Friedman's senior thesis.

Great Expectations

The senior theses written by Jon Landau, Angela Davis, Thomas Friedman and other high-flying Brandeis alums point to the notable accomplishments to come.

Photo of a quilt made from T-shirts, many of which have a Brandeis connection.

The Brandeis Holiday Gift Guide

Luxurious home goods? A stay at an ecolodge high in the Andes? A quilt made from your favorite T-shirts? Alumni-owned businesses offer special finds for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

Photo of Mitch Albom, seated at a table, as he hands a book to a woman.

The Brandeis Questionnaire

What advice would author and journalist Mitch Albom ’79 give current Brandeis students? “Find your Morrie.”