New Website Examines Jewish Identity and Community

Photo of a kippah with a blue Star of David embroidered on the top

What does it mean to be a Jew today? Why is antisemitism rising? What is the evolving relationship between diaspora Jews and Israel?

A new Brandeis website aims to explore these questions in all their complexity.

The Jewish Experience, which went live in late summer, doesn’t just feature the latest faculty research on Jewish history, culture and traditions, says Lawrence Goodman, the website’s editor, who works in the Office of Communications, Marketing and External Relations. It also includes profiles of alumni and students who are transforming Judaism, leading Jewish organizations, and practicing tikkun olam on campus and beyond — and much more.

“We hope Brandeis alumni, students and anyone interested in Jewish life will find The Jewish Experience a rich place to learn, build community and explore Jewish identity,” says Goodman. Website visitors who want even more information can also join a Facebook discussion group or subscribe to a monthly newsletter.

The inspiration for the website grew out of The Framework for Our Future, Brandeis’ strategic plan, which aims to build upon the university’s unique history, strengths and institutional ethos.

“Brandeis, as the only secular American university founded by Jews, remains fully committed to supporting the Jewish community, in all its diversity, and Jewish traditions,” the Framework notes. “The university will be the place to which American Jews turn to gain knowledge and pose questions related to issues of greatest concern.”

The Jewish Experience reflects this commitment. Visit the website at