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A man with a yarmulke in temple, leaning over to see the altar

What do Jews mean by repentance (teshuvah)?

Holidays and Religious Traditions

Professor Yehudah Mirsky examines how it’s changed over the centuries.

Congregation in temple

Why 'Zoom Judaism' Will Never Work

Holidays and Religious Traditions

Rabbi Eric Yoffie '69 argues that worship over a computer can never substitute for praying together in person.

American Yom Kippur prayer book from 1866

High Holiday Treasures from the Library’s Judaica Collection

History and Culture

The rare and precious books and artifacts in the archives show how the Jewish religion has changed over the centuries.

Josh Gondelman adjusting his eyeglasses

Sorry, So Sorry ... Did I Say I Was Sorry?

Alumni and Friends

On Yom Kippur, stand-up comic and former Last Week Tonight with John Oliver writer Josh Gondelman '07 can't help apologizing and apologizing and apologizing.