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Rudolphina Menzel and dog

Canine Scientist, Zionist Pioneer, and Her Dog-Training Techniques Were Used by the Nazis

A new book recounts the extraordinary life of Rudolphina Menzel, who made major contributions to our understanding of dogs, worked for the Germans in the early 1930s, and helped Israel win the 1948 war.

Ad for Levy's rye bread

5 Documents That Tell the Story of American Jewish History

A new book brings together vital documents from the American Jewish people's past. More than 30 of the country's leading historians contributed, all former students of University Professor Jonathan D. Sarna.

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Chanshi licking airport tarmac

"Unorthodox" Meets "Broad City" in New Israeli TV Show

Israel and the Middle East

In "Chanshi," an Orthodox woman from Brooklyn goes to Israel to experience sexual freedom.

Shula Mola

Fighting on Behalf of Ethiopian Jews

Israel and the Middle East

Israeli activist Shula Mola battles discrimination and police brutality faced by the Beta Israel community.

Jack Maduro and his wife, Esther, in front of their home and car in Havana, Cuba, in 1935.

A Son of the Sephardic Americas

History and Culture

Scholar Dalia Wassner charts the life and career of Jacob Brandon Maduro, who aided German Jewish refugees in Cuba during World War II.

An illustration of the Queen of Sheba from circa 1405.

How Did the Queen of Sheba Come To Be Seen as Black?

History and Culture

Professor Jillian Stinchcomb traces the depiction of the Queen from the Bible through the Qur’an to the medieval origin story of the Ethiopian royal family. 

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