Amelie de Cirfontaine

Painting flowers on COVID’s plywood pall

Amelie de Cirfontaine ’18 has brought her own brand of artistic expression to the streets of San Francisco.

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More of students' special places on campus

student Natalie Kahn, with pink hair streak, shorts and hightop sneakers, poses with "Sleeping Jennie" a stone statue in a reclining position

In the second part of student writer Maddy DuLong's look at some of her classmates' favorite spots at Brandeis, we meet a sleeping statue, step into the "dungeon" and go star gazing. More »

Climate scientist Peter C. Frumhoff named 2022 Richman Fellow

Peter Frumhoff

Currently the chief climate scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, Frumhoff informs the public understanding and motivates public policies related to climate change through robust scientific expertise. More »

As a patriot and Black man, Colin Powell embodied the ‘two-ness’ of the African American experience

Colin Powell

Powell's death is a moment to think about the history of Black American men and women in the military and the place of African Americans in government, says Professor Chad Williams More »