First Brandeis multilingual video festival is April 25

The Foreign Language Oversight Committee (FLOC), a group consisting of representatives from each Brandeis foreign language program, will be hosting the first ever Brandeis Multilingual Student Video Festival in Shiffman 002 on Thursday, April 25, from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

Students from each language program at Brandeis (Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian) will present videos demonstrating their growth in their first year of language study at Brandeis. 

In each participating language, all of the level-20 courses will select one video to represent their language group at the festival. 

A jury panel consisting of faculty members, Senior Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences Elaine Wong, and the French and Spanish Undergraduate Departmental Representatives will select one video to be awarded the grand prize. 

“The goal is to promote learning of foreign languages at Brandeis and showcase the amazing progress that our students make in only one year of language study,” says Irina Dubinina, director of the Russian language program. 

Faculty and students are encouraged to come attend. International desserts will be served. 

The festival and grand prize is supported by the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences and the Foreign Language Oversight Committee.

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